At Strait Lane Capital Partners, (SLCP), LLC, our strong internal resources, and deep operational, financial, and accounting expertise; coupled with our significant due diligence capabilities means that we close. We seek entrepreneur or family-owned companies and corporate divestitures and apply a true partnership approach to help them create new paths to value. We have extensive resources, a history of success, a financially methodical approach to investing, and a proven ability to identify opportunities.

Operational Expertise and Experience
Our founders have been CEOs, CFOs, and executive managers who have run, grown, and taken companies to the next level. We understand how to create value, determine appropriate capital structures, accelerate organic growth, develop and execute acquisition strategies, and bring operational and financial excellence to an organization. We apply our proven methodologies, make decisions quickly, and identify tactical and strategic growth strategies in collaboration with our portfolio companies.

Successful Acquisition Track Record
The SLCP founders have completed more than 100 acquisitions over their careers equaling more than $4 billion in value with most deals being in the lower or middle-market space. SLCP performs thorough due diligence, quickly identifies issues, and makes informed, accurate, and timely decisions, all while maintaining an extremely high closing rate.

Ability to Execute Diverse Investments
SLCP’s investments span leveraged recapitalizations of entrepreneur-owned businesses, acquisitions, and mergers of publicly traded and privately held companies with specific expertise in the purchase of individual divisions or subsidiaries of large, multi-national businesses.


Investment Criteria

  • Control position in investments and/or recapitalizations
  • Niche manufacturing, business services, or technology companies
  • Companies that may be lacking the systems, controls, or management processes other private equity firms require
  • Primarily U.S.-based companies
  • $2 million minimum TTM EBITDA ($0.5 million for add-ons)
  • Initial investments of at least $5 million
  • Established businessness with a history of stable growth
  • Sustainable competitive advantage in markets with compelling growth opportunities
Our Strategies

Knowing what we like in a business
For SLCP, the ideal business has certain characteristics such as possessing a competitive advantage, delivering stable growing revenues which represent a low percentage of the overall cost of an end-product of service, offering business-to-business products and services, and providing growth opportunities. We love businesses in niche markets. For instance, this is why we like the manufacturing of hydraulic generators for fire engines or crossing gates for drawbridges. However, we consider each investment on its own merits, and not every investment must possess all of the characteristics of our investment criteria.

Leaving people in place
If you look at our portfolio companies before and after investment, they are essentially the same people operating the business. We value the experience and knowledge of the existing managers working in the companies in which we invest. We work to support the company’s culture, however, we’re also open to investments where the seller desires a reduced management role.

Investing our own money
If it seems like we’re investing our money, it’s because we are. This means when we told a public company we would be closing by a certain date, we did. We’re well funded with available capital and are committed to making successful investments, creating new value, and staying as involved as the portfolio company management team wishes.

May 2023

Strait Lane Announces Acquisition of PepWear

DALLAS, TX – May 16, 2023 – Strait Lane Capital Partners, LLC (“Strait Lane”), a family-owned private investment firm, is pleased to announce that SLCP Holdings, LLC (“Holdings”) has acquired PepWear, LLC (“PepWear”). This acquisition follows Holding’s acquisition of PXP Solutions, LLC (“PXP”), an apparel decorator, in January 2023. In conjunction with the transaction, Holdings executed […] more

January 2023

Strait Lane Announces Acquisition of PXP Solutions

DALLAS, TX – January 10th, 2023 – Strait Lane Capital Partners, LLC (“Strait Lane”), a family-owned private investment firm, is pleased to announce that SLCP Holdings, LLC (“Holdings”) has acquired PXP Solutions, LLC (“PXP”). In conjunction with the transaction, Holdings executed a new senior credit facility provided by East West Bank. PXP’s Chief Executive Officer, […] more

July 2021

Strait Lane Announces Acquisition of TTI Sports International

DALLAS, TX – July 7th, 2021 – Strait Lane Capital Partners, LLC (“Strait Lane”), a family-owned private investment firm, is pleased to announce its acquisition of TTI Sports International, Ltd. (“TTI”). The transaction was completed using a combination of equity from Strait Lane families and its investors, as well as senior debt financing provided by East […] more